Seriously. A student in Wilmington, North Carolina was arrested
for cussing at a teacher. School resource officers (WTF?) charged the boy with disorderly conduct, saying his language was “meant to provoke violence.”

Talk about an overreaction. Still, if we can arrest a high-school student for making threatening statements, shouldn’t we be allowed to arrest President Bush for doing the same thing?

Or was his “Bring ‘Em On” taunt meant to do something other than provoke the terrorists to attack our troops?

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One thought on “HOW F*CKED UP IS THIS?

  1. I have a rant about zero tolerance and other fawked up, predestined to fail and cause awful future consequences policies in public schools, but it’s still fermenting. Off the cuff, if VP Dick “Dick” Cheney can say “go fuck yourself” then so can my kid.
    Reactionary asshats.

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