Kidding on the Square – Lies = Planeworthy

This is the best book I have read since the last one (a couple of Tollkein short stories – there may have been a movie or something). Even steadfast GOPers should read and learn, because shitspewers like the dog princess of pigeonholes (Ann Coulter) and that tired old junkie windbag (Rush) are doing the administration’s holy crusades no favors by erring on the side of the imaginary when trying to persuade the morons in the WalMart nation. Fawkheads.

Anyway, I couldn’t stop laughing, except when the stewardess threatened to throw my ass off the plane for interrupting Spiderman 2 – arachno-boogaloo. Without stopping it (the plane) first.

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One thought on “Kidding on the Square – Lies = Planeworthy

  1. i agree. a very funny book, and easy to read on the plane.
    the last time i flew back home, i was carrying a copy of michael moore’s “stupid white men.” i wouldn’t suggest that as a good plane book. oh, it reads easily enough, but i was pulled out of line and questioned about it.
    welcome to amerika, comrade.

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