So last Tuesday, I was in suburban Detroit to prove that identically numbered addresses at 21xxx West Road in Woodhaven and Trenton were one and the same. BTW, they are.

After a jaunt to the Belle Isle Aquarium, and a spontaneous private mini-tour of Ford Field (thanks again, T.J.) it was off to A2 for dinner with people who read the sock for fun stories about pissing on peaches and Escort door locks. And shit.

Anyway, before pasta and cake, Phid ponied up for some very fine scotch (plus a fine $10 cigar). Phid is very bad about letting me pay for stuff, in that I never pay even my share unless I beat the shit out of him so he can’t steal the check and pay it. Bastard! (P.S., thanks again you overgenerous fucker.)

As I was saying, tasty, and a lot less like molecular acid than the usual hooch I drank in my hooch-drinking stupor-filled earlier days. It’s the hint of madeira(?) that makes savoring doubleplusgood booze worthwhile. Or it’s the pine nuts.

Stupid designated driver bit meant I had to sneak a snort in between pseudo-beers, but it was worth it. Plus, since wifey now thinks that carbs are evil, I may have to switch to hitest booze from my usual football/strip club beer of choice. So, I have a starting point. But WTF IS madeira, and how will I know if I taste it? How is it different than dogshit, which is what Marlboro reds taste like? Inquiring minds…

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