hot wet blond sluts (not)

there was that one up the hill from Big Daddy’s –  Tani?  No invitation in.  No blow jobs in the car. There was also the mousy girl with the Plymouth Valiant – she went to a Portage high school.  Personality of a sleeping puppy, but the car was cool.  Also was NOT FOR SALE.  STOP […]

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Once more from President Gore

Al Gore Speaks on Iraq Monday, October 18 , 2004 at 12:30pm Gaston Hall, Georgetown University Washington, D.C. Text of the speech, as prepared: I have made a series of speeches about the policies of the Bush-Cheney administration – with regard to Iraq, the war on terror, civil liberties, the environment and other issues – […]

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So last Tuesday, I was in suburban Detroit to prove that identically numbered addresses at 21xxx West Road in Woodhaven and Trenton were one and the same. BTW, they are. After a jaunt to the Belle Isle Aquarium, and a spontaneous private mini-tour of Ford Field (thanks again, T.J.) it was off to A2 for […]

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Aaaah, sweet victory

All that is good and right in football – 31 Al Davis petards – 3 Gratuitous props to copygodd’s Browns for declawing the Cincinnati pussycats. Long, erect middle finger to the Detroit pussycats for laying down like so many prison bitches.

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Sucks to be a swing state

Man, not only are you bombarded with TV ads, but in Michigan, Bush-Orwell has bought up every available billboard to overwhelm you with happy messages about their plans, like Boots or Flip Flops [what do you want on your neck if you don’t redefeat us] One Nation Under God [because we can do an oppresive, […]

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