Arlen Specter, champion of the People?

Senator Arlen Specter (R-Pa) is showing the kind of leadership we need in government. challenged on both the left and by the tighty-righties of his own party, he won by double digits.

Good for him, right? Well, he is expected to be the chair of the seante judiciary committee, which means he can exert control over which nominees make toi to a vote (or filibuster). He has adopted my position (you have to tread JUOT to find it) that we need brilliant legal minds on the bench, not idealogues and sychophants of the administration. Go Arlen, Go.

Of course, Bush’s sackriding Congressional thugs have taken shots across his bow. “You mind your place, boy” said Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, a close friend of Bush who worked to get all of the president’s nominees through the Senate. “If ol’ dub-ya wants Davy Duke on the Civil rights Commission, or Kenny boy [Lay of Enron] on the SEC, you best toe the line. Same with them thar’ judges. Bork was misundastood, and Rev. Falwell, well he done got hisself a sharp legal mind…”

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One thought on “Arlen Specter, champion of the People?

  1. Arlen is PA’s guy, has been since before I was born here. He’s Mr. One-Bullet-Theory in the Kennedy Hearings and had weathered storms bigger than this. I didn’t vote for him, but I knew my vote was useless. He will be in Washington until he dies, and then some. He truly is someone who tries to decide for the correct thing, not necessarily the party thing, though. So I gotta give him that. We’ll see what happens in this partisan climate, but I’m pretty sure he’s been through worse.

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