Newt, You Son of a….

How many times did we hear “waffle,” “flip-flop” and charges of inconsistency leveled at Senator Kerry by the Bush campaign, the RNC, the puppet 527 groups, et al.?  1,000,006 at least, by my count.

So today, I’m watching the today show where the bobbleheads are trying to analyze how Bush pays off the fringe religious groups who pushed him ahead of Kerry based on some Karl Rove doublethink proposition that the guy who dodged the draft and sent troops to war as more of a pre-9/11 plan than a last resort to an imminent threat held the moral high ground against a decorated veteran. Remember how the $87 billion was a vote against arming the troops , even though it wasn’t, it was a vote against the pork in the bill, but BC04 could not let anyone understand the difference?

Well, today, good ole’ Newt was there to pander to both the puritan and gay voters by saying, hey gay folks – we are going to constitutionally f*** you in the a– (with a totally unneccessary anti-gay marriage amendment), since you people sorta like that stuff, but we’ll give you the privilege of visiting each other in the aids ward like couples ought to be able to do. According to Newt, this was not pandering but a reflection of Bush’s “complex, yet consistent” position.

What. The. Fuck?

Man, it is amazing what a week of gloating can do for the GOP’s collective cognitive ability. They can now understand general rules and specific exceptions, like screw the gays and their evil ways, but throwing them a bone like hospital visits don’t cost nothin’. (They still can’t understand “Saddam should be removed, but not on a whim or fake evidence,” though.) They can also perpetrate Orwellian nuances. “George Bush has always sought to protect the rights of all citizens, including gays, but not at the expense of traditional family values.”

Yeah. Stick that in your Patriot Act Defense of Missionary Position Amendment and smoke it.

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