Today’s Second WTF Moment

Anheuser-Busch’s ‘BE’ Takes Beer to a New Level

ST. LOUIS (Oct. 4, 2004)B-to-the-E (BE), Budweiser’s newest entry in a long line of innovative beers by Anheuser-Busch, is a distinctive new product for contemporary adults who are looking for the latest beverage to keep up with their highly social and fast-paced lifestyles…


According to nonexistent sources who drink these things (no, not Harvey or the Penis Lord of Scum), it’s a hip hoppy, flip-floppy new combination of Budweiser and Red Bull (or Chevron Supreme) that gives you the power to cover your neighbor’s Taurus in Kerry stickers while eating jalapeno sandwiches. Or something.

4 thoughts on “Today’s Second WTF Moment

  1. Where was this twenty years ago? I bet one could add at least 1 MPH to their curb hunter speed. And wouldn’t the cops be impressed with how much fast one could count backwards from twenty……..

  2. Curbhunter is the least of its uses, unlkess you’re playing steeplechase CH, trying to avoid dogs, snowbanks and other such challenges. Otherwise, alertness is an impediment to the sport. Have you ever had anything with guarana? If I tell you that it has the same effect as tadalafil (I presume) or like that of a Marlboro when you are an 18 year old, would you understand? Here is your last hint. I am sure that all the alive human females in Rogaine City in the 1970s, 80s and 90s are relieved that such a product was not available. I mean, its bad enough when your DOG starts humping your leg…

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