Show Me Something, Mizzou

We did our part. Beat Nebraska. Ended their winning streak that, except for 2002 (7-7), was in place since 1962. Ended their continuous bowl streak that stood since 1969. Ended their 34 season streak of 9-win seasons (ignoring 2002). We domionated them for 3 quearters, then held on for dear life. The usual story of a rare Buff victory over the Children of the Corn.

Now it’s your turn, Tigers.

Beat Iowa State tomorow and CU goes to the Big 12 Championship.

Wouldn’t it be odd if we beat OU and got an automatic BCS bid at 8-4? Wouldn’t that drive the monied interests behind the BCS facade nuts? I will be with you in spirit only, Tigers, because abc thinks I am somehow interested in the utterly irrelevant Virginia/Virginia Tech ACC game.


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