A little more to your left…

Is apparently where I am not. At least not far enough left. I tried to attach myself, remora-like, to the “Progressive Blog Alliance,” which (“PBA“) is our super secret code for I’m a Lefty and Proud of It.

Anyway, the all powerful gatekeeper of all lefty blogs, an ethereal being known as “Nick Lewis” has tattooed the following on my forehead so I wouldn’t miss it:

Listen Rush Windbag, we’re not fooled by your lame ass attempts to become one of the cool intelligent, thinking people in this country instead of a whore for the administration. Go sackride Michael Savage some more. Or Dick “Dick” Cheney. The gratuitous use of “whore” and “Dick” were unmistakeable clues to your true motivations, you GOP scumlatoid.

“No soup for you” – Nick Lewis

OK, what he really said, to no one in particular was:

Okay, I just made a round. If you didn’t get added, there are 4 possible reasons:

1. You did not post updates frequently enough
2. Your blog was more oriented towards your personal life, or pop culture than progressive ideas.
3. You have a banner indicating that you supported G.W. Bush (who is considered to be satan himself in this alliance).
4. I accidently missed you.

Perhaps “Nick Lewis” missed this, that and the other thing. Besides, what is more progressive and idealistic than a world where stupid things that people would rather forget and that I was wholly uninvolved in are memorialized forever under the picture of a sock with DTs? Plus political utopia would suck without beer, football, hotties and beer.

So, f***, f***, f***ity*f***-f***.

Progressive Sock Alliance starts here. If you are progressive (i.e., more __ now than before) and wear socks, mount up, because we ride at dawn. And shit.

</hissy fit>

One thought on “A little more to your left…

  1. Yo, I just caught you on technorati. I’m out and about at the moment but i’ll leave you a link to the code when I get home and we can get you signed on. All powerful? Try all ADD with overwhelming administrative duties. Anyhow, well get you signed up bro. -Nick “lord of the universe” Lewis

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