Live Aid Rules

“It’s twelve noon in London, seven am in Philadelphia; and around the world it’s time for Live Aid… ”

Live Aid, the 1985 concert in Philly and London to raise money for Ethiopia famine relief is finally available on DVD. Buy it. Now. Proceeds go to charity.

What you will see:

  1. Phil Collins is a loon, perfoming early in London, hopping a Concorde, then performing late in Philly.
  2. Mick Jagger dry humping Tina Turner.
  3. Duran Duran is the world’s shittiest live band (apart from MDF) This video cuts the craptastic View to a Kill that earned them that reputation.
  4. U2 were gods when they sang about real things, and could count from 1 to 14 in Spanish without skipping 4-13.(The intro on Vertigo is “uno dos tres catorce” which roughly equates to ” I shoulda paid attention in 1st grade, fourteen”)

I remember the day. I worked third shift at Hell Mart, came home and watched a little Boomtown, and a little mulleted Bono. What a refreshing change from coming home and watching Jim Bakker selling timeshares in his theme park for God,  which was the usual dreck I went to sleep to since we didn’t have cable. I missed most of the concert due to sleep and caught the end. Stunned was I with the parts I was able to see.

I have been looking for a copy of this thing for 20 years. MTV replayed it a couple of times in the 80s and if you had a brain and were not preoccupied with grabass before the TSA made it fashionable, you may have taped it and made me extremely jealous. Anyway, now I can see the stuff I slept through. Woo Hoo!

2 thoughts on “Live Aid Rules

  1. I thought the catorce thing was funny. they couldn’t be that stupid. Right? I mean, it’s U f*cking 2 for chrissakes.

  2. Art is it’s own excuse – Captain Kangaroo
    Or it’s some kind of artithmetic/geometric progression (1, 1+1=2, 1+2=3, (1×1)+(2×2)+(3×3)=14).
    Or maybe it means “We’re ‘U f*cking 2 for chrissakes.’ STFU and dance wit’ yo’ bad iPod self.”

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