Better than Enzyte?

The new Hummer, for all your penis compensator needs. Smaller and lumpier than the H1 or H2, yet it preserves all the Hummer attributes you love like: derivative, uninspired styling nonexistent outward visibility (sorry, no curb feelers are provided) Really shitty gas mileage (like a 6000SUX) total unreliability disposable cachet overpriced Chevy underpinnings Save your […]

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My Secretary is a Porn Star

Dear MP Forum:  I never thought the stories here could ever be true.  Then one day, I walked into my secretary’s office without knocking and… Man, when I started representing strip clubs, I didn’t think my life could get weirder. To be fair, it’s Mr. Boxter’s secretary, and to be truthful, she is not a […]

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