Die, Walmart, Die

WalMart, white trash mecca and soulless purveyor of made in China crap that got your job outsourced, got killed in sales over the holiday weekend.  In retail speak, their sales did not increase like they expected.  They still made approximately a steaming s***load of cash, but that is not enough to feed the beast.  More is better.  Less is failure.

Walmart chief minister of corporate propaganda Mona Williams blamed “tricks and gimmicks to lure customers in”  Among these tricks were lower prices than crapmart, higher quality merchandise, shopping experiences that don’t smell, look and feel like life in the trailer park, non-catatonic employees, and a generalized atmosphere where shoppers are treated as the lifeblood of the store and not simply a place to separate sheeple from their cash in the same way that an abattoir separates heads from bodies on a(n) (dis)assembly line.  (Watch the opening of Carnosaur to get the full image – chickens are grabbed by the head and conveyed through a device that slits their necks, one after another).

Anyway, shopppers across America were able to just say no to hellmart.  Keep it up and soon we can rid ourselves of the wallyworld infection and the consequent destruction of everything good and right in America.



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