When will they ever learn?

Remember Nebraska? They had one non-winning season in 43 years 295 straight sellouts at home and a 35 year uninterrupted streak of bowel games, highlighted by Michigan kicking their cornhusker asses out of the Fiesta Bowl. Last season, they went 9-3 and decided to can their coach, Frank Solich. 112 coaches with brains said no thank you to the what had been one of the best jobs in college sports. Golden goose, you are dead.The Huskers settled for Bill Callahan, the loser canned by the Raiders after a season of s*/** following a Super Bowl season. They are 5-6 and done for the year.

Fast forward to 2004. Notre Dame tells 25-13 and bowl bound coach Ty Willingham that because he’s black and not Urban Meyer, ND won’t honor at least his original contract, like they did with loser posterboys Bob Davie and Gerry Faust.

They wanted Urban Meyer, famed carpetbagger coach of Utah and Bowling Green. Meyer said, “Florida girls are hotter” Second choice Steve Mariucci of the Detroit Lions told ND to go do something prohibited by the Pope to itself.

<Nelson>Ha-ha</nelson> ND is going to have to settle for Wade Phillips, worst Denver Bronco coach ever.

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