Nostalgia Owns Me

Purple Car was kind enough to remind us all that John Lennon is still dead. Mark David Chapman, this means you are still an unredeemable piece of shit. I hope Ving Rhames is your suitemate.

Anyway, for the first year in a long time, I didn’t think about it. I remember that Double Fantasy had just come out and John with the scar had written a review for the paper.He had to do a hasty rewrite, which tempered the tone of his review a bit. I had finally figured out who John Lennon was. I knew George and Paul and Ringo were in the Beatles, but I was always hazy on the 4th. I did know his music as a solo act. When I would hear “John Lennon” though, I would usually think that this was some relation to Nikolai Lenin.

I was at work on the Monday of doom. It seems like I heard the news there. Maybe not. I know I had to be at work the following Sunday at the appointed hour when Yoko announced that there would be a moment of silence to honor him.

Now for the fun part: I was never a big fan. I was never that “into” Lennon’s solo stuff. I lked parts of DF, but parts had all the testosterone of Alan Alda, which was not a plus when competing with Back In Black. I appreciated his politics and liked his activism. I fricking hated Yoko. I was able to recognize him as an important figure in music and recognized the assassination as an important, tragic event (although the particular horror of his death didn’t resonate that much). I mark his death because I always have, because I think I should, but it’s for the silencing of the voice moreso than the voice that was silenced, if that makes any sense.

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