F*** the South, Part II

Tax Prof Blog backs up the contention by some angry dude in F*** the south that, as a general rule, blue states sow, red states reap. Blue pays, red benefits.  Of the 32 states (and the District of Columbia) that are “winners” — receiving more in federal spending than they pay in federal taxes — 76% are Red States that voted for George Bush in 2000. Indeed, 17 of the 20 (85%) states receiving the most federal spending per dollar of federal taxes paid are Red States.


 Why am I not surprised??? Does this mean vote GOP? No, it means vote out the patronage system. It also means instead of amending the constitution to keep gay people from evil flagburning rituals disguised as “marriage,” maybe we should give the president a line itme veto. We can trust our legislators to write that one up cleanly, without f***ing it up, right?

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