Buy early, buy often

Return of the King (extended) DVD went on sale yesterday. $22.99 at Best Buy is about the best instant gratification price out there.

The Lord of the Rings extended ROTK preview

In case you miss the 17,512 mentions in the 6 minute ad, there are 50 extra minutes of footage.

I feel like such a geek, like if I could grow a g**d*** decent beard I should dye it white. But this whole Tolkien movie thing is so fricking cool, and my kids are into it.

I think we’re going to have a movie marathon when Gma comes to town in a week. She took me to see the Ralph Bashki version of FOTR, and it blew chunks. Bad animation. Hobbits, I thought, were POS rejects from the keebler elves. “Elfs” were prissy patrons of Thursday nights at Jack Thurman’s (the G in LBGT, although I had another name in mind back in the day)

jack thurman's

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