to puppet: “you bring teh suck to the intraweb”

I won the prize of all prizes that is a listing on If you’re like me, you are thinking, “my god, this is the ultimate achievement in all the intraweb thingy (other than a mention on Drudge or a comment from Purple Car telling me to STFU).” And you may be right.

The drawback though, is that through some mysterious and arcane necromancing, the good folks at getblogs have channeled the ghost of Gene Siskel to tell me I suck. “3/10”, they say, which is either a referral to the Enzyte people or a big round of “meh”. *sob* Tough crowd. Meh right back at you and your ratings. (Actually, I have no idea if they are ratings or popularity indicies or what.

Being famous helps, apparently, but the highest I saw was 7-10, there were way more 0/10s than any other rating, followed closely by a lot of 3s, 4s and 5s. So, whatever.)

3 thoughts on “ to puppet: “you bring teh suck to the intraweb”

  1. I was only agreeing with you that Hummers truly bring in teh suckage, ya big sock baby. (but you know I love ya). BTW: Nice post on the relief agencies. I hear the Norwegians don’t think we give enough money for relief. I would bet that americans give more money privately than other nationals, even if you include their ridiculous tax systems.

  2. Hey Puppet, Paul here from I guess you’re referring to the little ratings bars next to each blog listing. They’re actually the PageRank each site has on Google. I thought they’d be nice to add in there.
    I like your site. I don’t think it sucks – that much 😉
    Paul from

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