MDF 2005

So its the 20th anniversary of MDF give or take a couple of very hazy years, and about the 23rd anniversary of their evil progenitors. I celebrated last night with Miller High Life and Marlboro Lights. (Yes, Merit Ultra Lights (SPP) or Player Menthols (MDF) would have been more authentic. STFU) One of each was […]

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Oh just STFU!!!

“We are the world” the vapid, 7 minutes too long dirge that sealed the end of Dan Akroyd’s musical career is back. Again. – The return of ‘We Are the World’ – Jan 25, 2005 Screw that. If you want to hear it, buy the Live Aid DVD and hear some good music before […]

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Header on this month’s issue: “Special Pullout – What Women Want” Uh, OK, but I think that is exactly why Buzzkill has 13 kids, you dopes. :rimshot:

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