Crash Into Me. Don’t.

So I’m driving down a side street to turn right onto a main road. Look left – there’s a couple of white cars just coming out of the intersection ¼ mile away. At 40 mph, it’s like 15 seconds. Plenty of time, so I make my turn.

In the mirror pops this white 5-series BMW flashing his brights on and off. Huh?

Q: Where’d he come from?
A: Dunno, but he must have been doing 20+ over the limit to ride up my butt so fast.

I’m thinking WTF?! I am at or near the speed limit already, so you must have been doing 60+. Also, you are in the “ultimate driving machine” so use your ultimate stopping machine brakes and slow the f*** down.

As soon as the other white car gets around me (about 10 seconds after my lesson in BMW HID lighting systems), Mr. Andretti zooms around me and gives my all the OMG! WTF!STFU! I pwn j00! histrionic gestures (I assume) through the back window. I was thinking epileptic seizure, but whatever. So, I fired back with the time-tested single, and then double barreled finger(s) of respect.

So, I guess I should have waited patiently for HRH BMW dickhead to pass, on his way to some really important meeting with his mistress. Plus, I should have recognized from looking head on at this dillweed that he was speeding and not gotten in his way.

Eat the rich. @#%^^&#^%# f***stains.

This is totally different than when that Kia Rio cut me off to get on the on-ramp, then cut me off 3 lane changes in a row once on the highway. A**f***er.

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