Gee, I can’t pay my $20K bill and I got kicked out of the club so I can’t even throw you some perks.  But this is what I am driving these days…

–A deadbeat client

shitbox 9000
Fuck your H2. Also

FYI, those are 44s.  “Normal” penis compensators ride on 34s.  Plus, there is an extra 6-8″ in the front wheelwell.

So, somewhere between a 9.5 and a 12″ lift.  At least $4k for the lift kit,  Plus installation.  Plus $1,500 for 4 tires and another 15 for the wheels (no room for a spare). (Imagine having a flat!) Plus a re-gear if he has any sense.  Plus $5k per year in gas (5 mpg * 12000 miles * $2 gas).  Plus $60k for the Hummer.

To be fair, he might have picked it up used, with all the sh*t, so maybe $40k plus gas and a million, billion dollars for insurance.

Still, I ‘m the one who had to fly to Detroit to defend his ass, and he can come in here and flash his pricey toys at the unpaid bill?

F***er.  Someday the sheriff is going to have a nice little toy to auction.

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