2005 Bloggies

This is like the academy awards of blogging, except in most respects.  Anyway, nominations go here.

I tossed shout-outs to my e-posse* (or at least people who mentioned the Puppet by name) for:

Best Canadian Blog

Best American Blog

Best Blog Tagline

Best Political Blog

Best Computer/Technology Blog

Most Humorous Blog

Best Kept Secret Blog

Best New Blog

Blog of the Year

Voting Starts 1/20/05

*Purple Car, Cyn City, Hootress, Ingrown Brain Stem, Off the Cuff Off the Record Off the Wall, Aces Full of Links, Ouch My Brain Hurts, and Comments from Left Field.

2 thoughts on “2005 Bloggies

  1. OMG, I am dumbstruck.
    What a cool thing for you to do!
    Nifty new layout. 🙂
    (I may go through some Sock Puppet withdrawl, however.)

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