MLK Day – the Trailer Nation is enraged

Racial hatred is alive and well. The “Nationalist” “Movement” (the Klan without sheets) hates Bush but prolly voted for him. This is their most redeeming quality, bar none.

CAUTION: Links to mondo ignorant f***wads within. Bring soap.

You shure got a purty mouthThe same fuckheads that brought you the civil war have a petition to repeal Martin Luther King Day. In case you wonder about what became of “Deliverance” rejects, they’ve been busy pretending to be legitimate. These turds have registered “skinheadz” and “” in order to better round up the next generation of Hitler youth.  Everything you need to know to be a race thug, just sign up.

How they finagled internet access while living behind a WalMart dumpster is beyond me.  Anyhoo…

I don’t know where this scum lies on the political continuum – probably to the right of the Klan I spent a few minutes in the dogshit that is the “” website and their youth recruiting site.  Now I just want to bathe with clorox and brillo to remove the stink of their ideology malevolent hate speak.

(And, no, I wasn’t looking for vile racist tripe – I googled “Rae Carruth” for images for something else entirely, and pulled up a really thoughtful editorial cartoon comparing him to an ape. Charming as ever, you fucking white trash swine – you are 140 years past obsolete.)

21 thoughts on “MLK Day – the Trailer Nation is enraged

    From top-twenty to top-three. In 2003, the Israeli Lobby released its list of its top-twenty enemies. Nationalists and Skinheads, who use the Crosstar insignia, known in England as the Cross of Saint George, were listed along with the Aryan Nations, American Nazi Party, National Association for the Advancement of White People, White Aryan Resistance, World Church of Creator, American Front, Aryan Brotherhood and “The Order”.

    But what a difference two years has made. Now, Nationalists and Skinheads are listed first on the list, as the number-one foe of Jews worldwide, under the headline, “ADL Knows Who’s Who in the World of Hate.” The Jewish Anti-Defamation League has trimmed its targets back to just Nationalists, Aryans and Apartheidists, signified by the Crosstar, from the Skinhead website, a shield, from the defunct Aryan Nations website, and three sevens, from the Afrikaner Resistance Movement website. With most of the seventeen previously listed having fallen by the wayside or being concentrated in foreign countries, Nationalists and Skinheads enjoy not only the notoriety but structure and resources to be a formidable force.

    Other than a post-office box in Michigan and a website containing six static pages ascribed to Rocky J. Suhayda, which lists “copyright 2003,” the “Nazi Party” has had no presence on the Internet or at any polling place. No photograph of Suhayda is propagated over the Internet. The NAAWP became moribund when is proponent, Dan Daniels, died, after taking the reins from Paul Allen. Reno Wolfe, a pseudonym, tried for a while to keep a website going from his trailer in Florida, but his enterprise had not been updated since 2003. WAR had garnered a few lines in the news media when its proprietor, Tom Metzger, a bankrupt, would accuse David Duke of being a drug-addict or endorse Cruz Bustamonte for Governor of California, but his one-man, San-Diego outfit had not been heard from since. The WCOTC folded when its proprietor, Matt Hale, was convicted of soliciting the murder of a judge and imprisoned in Chicago.

    The American Front died out when Bob Heick, its proprietor, went into retirement in Portland and disappeared. “The Order” became defunct when its spokesman, Robert Matthews, was killed in a police-shootout and his confederates jailed. The Aryan Brotherhood has remained largely a prison gang. Its leader, Eric L. Barnard, serving life for murder, was charged recently, along with eighteen others, with distributing methamphetamine and conspiracy.

    When Richard Butler was compelled by court order to transfer all his assets, including the name “Aryan Nations,” to pro-minority activist Morris Dees, the enterprise disbanded, although Charles Juba, who Butler fired, attempted to keep using the name. Anyone using the name is subject to the $6.3 million judgment won by Dees when Butler, who has since died, was found guilty of conspiracy. Although Butler’s Idaho compound has been razed, some activists still refer to themselves aa “Aryans.” The South-African AWB, headed by imprisoned Eugene TerreBlanche, maintains a paramilitary force, but has suffered setbacks after Praetoria fell to the Communists.

    It has friends, but no kindred organizations, outside of South Africa. Nationalists and Skinheads, however, have enjoyed a surge in popularity, organizing events in America and abroad, reaching the top of the Internet and fielding spokesmen from city-streets to capital-steps. Israeli-Lobby Chief Abraham Foxman has sent “law-enforcement updates” to police, urging that some pretext be found to arrest Nationalists and Skinheads, but has come away empty-handed, as his principal foes have exhibited savvy to use the law and lawyers, as both a shield and a sword.

    Especially galling to the Israeli Lobby has been the growing support for the Iraqi and Afghan resistance, generated by Nationalists and Skinheads, in America. Shayhka Maulani Aeisha Muhammad, a prominent Resistance author, wrote to the Skinhead website that “after having read your interview with ‘Al Basrah’ and realizing the high level of commitment which you share with Arab-Moslem nations to annihilate the ‘Zionist Entity,’ I can only hope that your organization will be very active in the effort to sever the head of the Zionist serpent in America, which feeds its offspring ‘Israel.’ Any effort you take to shake up the status quo in the USA will be very appreciated by humanity.”

    Aeisha also pledged her “solidarity” with Skinheads and Nationalists. Foxman has retreated to calling his opponents “haters,” which he had abandoned after being found guilty of defamation by a Denver jury for having a family arrested for “hate.” The police paid $70,000.00 to settle a false-arrest lawsuit and Foxman was ordered to pay $9.75 million in damages. Foxman’s propaganda now accuses the top-three of being “haters” and “extremists,” but, according to Skinhead Abraham Bragg, “They will attack with the utmost determination to stop us, but the public is seeing the good that we are doing.” (c) Skinheadz 2005

  2. Hmmm- a pinch from
    Is Anonymous my ideological friend or foe? One of them, or one of everybody else? Cutting and pasting from the evil gray (their background color when I visited) website doesn’t really say, other than one’s ability to wallow in hate long enough to collect it. (Doesn’t gray result from mixing black and white? How ironic!) So, Anonymous, if you want to have a discussion about this stuff, get a reader account, so we at least know you from any other anonymouses. Even if you don’t, I would at least be interested in hearing what side of the issue(s) you are on, so I can make sense of what this stuff is doing here. Don’t take any shots personally, unless you are a skin head
    So what is the real message from our Anonymous ‘friend’ from who found me when googling for skinheadz (which sounds like something a home-o-sex-u-all might do, but we’ll save THAT potential irony for another discussion)? Is it:

    1. Here is some information � those assholes hate Jews to the point that they align themselves with Iraqi resistance/insurgence/terrorists? We all know how well that ‘enemy of my enemy is my ally’ strategy has worked out for US foreign policy over the years.
    2. Us skinheads am not all illiterate rednecks. Dang it, I fergot my own name agin? Yay for literacy. Too bad that it’s used for such tripe as the SH (which uses the same initials as ‘Shit Head’ �go figure) website.
    3. Skinheads have lawyers for when the thug lifestyle just isn’t enough to shut up the thinking world? Hmmm� Information or threat? First Amendment is a nice warm blanket, even for Jews and ‘Negroes.’ No worries.
    4. Them Jews hate US?! Too fricking bad. Sack up. From what I understand of SH philosophy, that’s like worrying about what one’s dog thinks.

    Anyway, whatever the message or intent of ‘Anonymous,’ I will leave this comment up unless some regular has a specific objection to this specific comment, other than the seething hatred. Or until I get bored.
    Gotta go wash now�

  3. I skipped the skinhead tripe and just read your comment. Does that make me a bad person?
    I can’t abide that idiotic screed. Perhaps it was parsnips and not turnips after all. Or radishes.

  4. No, because wallowing in thinly disguised e-hate is strictly optional. The particular post wasn’t the expected screed. A few conspiracy and RICO bitchslaps have apparently taught these f*ckers the value of nuance and obliquity. Now its all about “equality” and unity (at least for “real” Americans (i.e., whitey, not the injuns)).

  5. Dr Gonzo – please remove your butt plug – you are sooooo full if Judaeo-Marxist shit – were you Malcom X’s TV bitch ?

  6. ey davo duke im pretty sure the late GREAT Malcolm X made the entire racist movement his bitch. and yall stupid illiterate redneck dirtbags ask how yall gonna be treated once your the minority? it will be great to shove it down your sperm covered throats. BARACK 08! oh yeah PS as a black man, nothin makes me happier than F*cking white women… and yes, they LOVE IT.

  7. ey davo duke im pretty sure the late GREAT Malcolm X made the entire racist movement his bitch. and yall stupid illiterate redneck dirtbags ask how yall gonna be treated once your the minority? it will be great to shove it down your sperm covered throats. BARACK 08! oh yeah PS as a black man, nothin makes me happier than F*cking white women… and yes, they LOVE IT.

    So, Jamell from Cincinnati. Thanks. Dave Duke is a name I gave that penis-less, previously anonymous commenter to whom you responded.

    “it will be great to shove it down your sperm covered throats… as a black man, nothin makes me happier than F*cking white women… and yes, they LOVE IT.”

    OK, that was gratuitous and inflammatory. I don’t think it strengthens your position to say shit like that. Also, saying that kind of over the top bullshit is MY job, not that I am qualified to speak as a Black man.

  8. Zionists in Hollywood came up with Deliverance and the characters in it to discredit white folks who dare not to live on the east or left coast, so it comes as no surprise that you recycled the photo.

    The fact is it that you Marxist-Leftists are the ones that promote homosexual conduct and can’t wait 30 seconds before begging to lick our boots. -So that photo represents you more than anyone.

    The failed Obama “Presidency” represents all of you traitorous Marxists as well. One need only to look at the unemployment rate, the inflation rate, the cost of gasoline, the number of uninsured and the rate of home ownership before and after your commie took power.

    Good luck selling YOUR message now. Just keep on doing what you are doing. It’s good for us.

    1. Thanks for the insights, Adolph.

      Deliverance was written by James Dickey. Being a book, this probably was confusing without pictures. Dickey co-wrote the screenplay. Dickey was a good old son of the confederacy

      Dickey was born to lawyer Eugene Dickey and Maibelle Swift in Atlanta, Georgia where he attended North Fulton High School in Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood. In 1942 he enrolled at Clemson Agricultural College of South Carolina and played on the football team as a tailback. After one semester, he left school to enlist in the Army Air Corps. Dickey served with the U.S. Army Air Forces as a radar operator in a night fighter squadron during the Second World War, and in the U.S. Air Force during the Korean War. Between the wars he attended Vanderbilt University, graduating with degrees in English and philosophy, as well as minoring in astronomy. He also taught at the University of Florida.

      As long as we’re being all truthy, let’s also remember that we are still riding out the Bush recession. Your president, Barack Obama, has made some gaffes, certainly, but his job has been to clean up the shithole left by his predecessor. This should appeal to you, in a “black guy cleaning up after whitey” sort of way. We can probably agree that his continuation of the “patriot” act and other unconstitutional tripe sucks. We can agree to disagree in that I don’t really giver a fuck what your favorite flavor of racist koolaid is today.
      Bush fucked us

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  10. The Bush Recession, that’s all you have to say? I suppose this would get Obama through the next term as well…

    The fact is Bush was a solid moderate, not a rightist or conservative. He too was a big spender, but at least business-friendly. Most Americans today think of the Bush era as “the good ol’ days.” -Remember $1.90 gas?

    Obama should just have Putin move in the White House. This would help him to network his foreign policy. -You know sort of like Alger Hiss…

  11. Gonzo:

    The fact is most leftists think every modern Republican president was a right-winger and this is far from true. George Bush, and the entire Bush family are all moderates. Even Nixon was a moderate who won 49 states in his second run.

    I suppose you call Obama a moderate as well? hehe I’m for none of the beforementioned, nor Romney who is way to the left of even Bush.

    Of course the GOP is closer to our position, just as the DNC is closer to Putin’s. -So I hope that the dope Romney gets in before Obama does, but Romney is pretty soft none-the-less, and I neither endorse him or support either major party.

    We pander to nobody but our long-dead Founding Fathers. -We think they got it right.

    1. Right and left are relative to where one starts. The modern electoral strategy seems to be pander to the fringes early, then reposition yourself towards the center in the general election.

      I would think Ron Paul would be the least distasteful for you and your cohorts. I think a Ron Paul/David Duke vs. Dennis Kucinich/Al Sharpton election would great. We could at least avoid the mealymouth panderings of the usual candidates and pit actual ideologies against each other.

      Which founding fathers? The guys who wrote the U.S. Constitution?

  12. Gonzo:

    You are correct about the political strategies.

    Ron Paul is brilliant in some ways, but disasterous in other ways. He understands the smothering Jewish influence in government & media, but doesn’t respect our intelligence services enough for my preference.

    Romney “seems” to get it righter than the others on immigration, and has the facts to beat Obama, but I doubt he can beat Obama in a debate.

    What’s best for The Nationalist Movement is for Obama to get re-elected, of course; but we don’t wish this upon our nation.

    Yeah, when I speak of The Founders I speak of the early founders. Although I feel that they would be impressed with many points of America today, they’d also be disgusted at the thought of her becoming a Hispanic nation.

    Thomas Reiter
    First Officer
    The Nationalist Movement

    1. Although I feel that they would be impressed with many points of America today, they’d also be disgusted at the thought of her becoming a Hispanic nation.

      A couple thoughts – the difference in birthrates in your chosen demographic categories is long known. It is a factor as much (maybe more, lately) as immigration in your concern about demographic shifts. Maybe your group should focus on making babies to narrow that gap. Yes, I am being facetious about that last part.

      I doubt the Founders would be impressed with DHS, or the little nerd in a cubicle whose job is monitoring comment threads due to some outlinks (to be deactivated) or buzzwords (damn you, Google) and deciding whether I am a shady character. I suspect Big Sis gets a Sinn Féin sort of vibe when your members make public comments, and gets extra snoopy.

      Just in case, I love Big Brother/Sister/amorphous soulcrushing government figurehead to be designated.

      Anyway, dude. I am locking the thread. The point of this puny irrelevant corner of the vast series of tubes is not really about a years-old rant based on some mouthbreather equating a former professional athlete and a monkey, which led to even older efforts of a group protesting of one of my heroes.

      I appreciate the cordiality, even if I don’t always return it (my site, my rules). I hate the superficial screaming matches that the telescreen tells us are how debate and argument are had.

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