Gay Aiken

American karaoke Idol starts again tonight. This means more whoring for Clay homosexual in denial I am not gay, goddammit, I have a tattoo and shit” Aiken and his latest shitty album cannot be far away.

Why does this matter to me? It doesn’t. Left to my own devices, I can ignore that little turd and all his sick Delta buddies deluded, mesmerized cult “fans” and the AI wannabees. But, my family cannot, so its 2 hours of some goof caterwauling

“Tomorrow” and stories about po’ folk trying to reach their karaoke dreamland. No amount of Halo or jamming AC/DC on the Bear’s guitar will drown it out (since all the ladies in the house will give me a big STFU if my distractions are louder than their “the voices in my head and my loser friends tell me I don’t suck” singer/trainwrecks like ones last night).

Please God, shoot my TV….

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