Bigger House, Less People

In today’s football minute, our heros in Ann Arbor plan to tweak Michigan Stadium, college football’s holy ground. Michigan Stadium expansion closer. This means club seats and skyboxes for the rich bastards, which is fine, because the boxes should reflect the sound of 111,000 screamers back into the stadium, instead of into outerspace. But, the plan calls for losing 4,000 seats. WTF? Part of gameday is being part of the largest crowd to watch a college football game today.

Tennessee tried to top us and we beat them down quickly. The stadium could be expanded to 150,000 in its current configuration. But noooo. Wine and cheese corporate outings are more important.

It’s like when Pimp My Ride takes out your seats to put in a goldfish tank and a 54″ plasmascreen in the floor. Sounds brilliant, untill you need a seat and get to go WTF?!!! instead.

Fuckers. These are the same goofs that wanted to pimp out the OSU game with corporate sponsorship. Hopefully the feasibility study will come back as “try again, assclowns.”

One thought on “Bigger House, Less People

  1. Maybe the same rich bastards who will be able to afford the box seats will tell the atheletic department know that their fat contribution checks will stop if they reduce the seating capacity.

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