2005 Bloggies are available for voting

but the Sock is not…

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In some sort of cosmic Karma equilzation (or a big STFU), Puppet was totally ignored in favor of blogs with content and/or style. But it was an “honor” to be chosen to nominate a bunch of finalist blogs in catergories where I didn’t qualify (fiction writing, sanity, content, best poi recipes). My “I hate the big successful widely read blogs” outlook was totally marginalized by the goddamned majority of judges. Fuckers.

You will need an email for your vote to count. Don’t use fuckyou2005bloggiesbecauseyouleftmeoutgoddamitandIamabitterbittersock@ihateyoutimeseleventybillion.kissmyass.pissoff.com because then your vote will get the Ohionas for Kerry treatment. Or so I heard.

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