RIP, Johnny

Johnny Carson, late-night TV legend, dead at 79 I used to think I was sooooo cool, staying up late to watch the Tonight Show – almosty as cool as watching SNL, back when it was originally funny. Carson was always targeted older than me, but that was OK – it was the only thing worth […]

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Hate stinks

My MLK day post calling out the skinheads is generating some unexpected attention. I dunno who posted a comment or why. Anyway, here is some anti-skinhead reading – the subject of the article quoted in the comment. ADL Knows Who’s Who In The World Of Hate

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This is F*CKED UP!!!

Sidewalk beheadings? I cannot imagine. I guess these guys knew that helping Americans would get them killed, but Jesus. – Video apparently shows public beheadings – Jan 21, 2005 We are losing for all the wrong reasons, kinda like why we are in the war for all the wrong reasons. And we just gave […]

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Norsemen out Bush as devil worshiper

President Bush gestures the ”Hook ’em, ‘horns” salute of the University of Texas Satan Cows as he and his family watch the Virgin Sacrifice Parade Thursday Jan. 20, 2005, in Washington. President Bush’s ‘Hook ’em, ‘horns’ salute was recognized in Norway, where shocked people observed his hand gesture during his inauguration as a salute to […]

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Bigger House, Less People

In today’s football minute, our heros in Ann Arbor plan to tweak Michigan Stadium, college football’s holy ground. Michigan Stadium expansion closer. This means club seats and skyboxes for the rich bastards, which is fine, because the boxes should reflect the sound of 111,000 screamers back into the stadium, instead of into outerspace. But, the […]

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Who’s gonna save me?

Don’t bother to pray for strength and reason. Just call on your god to save you from SpongeBob and everything else will fall into place. – Christians issue gay warning on SpongeBob video – Jan 20, 2005 First Tinky Winky, now Bob. When will the madness stop?

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Separated at birth?

Whenever I see the new dork ugly presidential limo based on the upcoming 2006 white belt and shoes DTS and those dorky proportions, I just can’t help conjuring images of the good old Politburo Express. I think there is a political undercurrent there too, but more on that later, after it has fermented a bit […]

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