Why Blogharbor Rocks

Here is more than you ever needed to know about the demented sock. I pay for 2 gigabytes of bandwidth (i.e., transfer – approximately 7000 pages of blog or 3 jeep photos) under the “Extra” plan. For some reason, H*nda Ridg*lines and Al*nis M*rrisette pictures are unbelievable popular. Plus most of my pictures were somewhere between 100 (pr0n) and eleventy billion (jeeps, evil cats) times larger than they needed to be for website purposes. 56Kers know exactly what I am talking about. (You can stop cursing at me – I made them waaaay smaller).

Anyway, all this is a recipe for blowing my bandwidth budget, which became inevitable since about Friday – hence the lack of posting over the weekend. Under the Blogharbor TOS, I could upgrade (well, I couldn’t because their new plans were unknown to me), I could buy more BW, or I could ride it out and suffer a “temporarily unavailable” message being foisted on my readers. Both of you.

As a cheap bastard, and with only a couple days left in the month, I thought “OMG! WTF? (I often conduct my inner monologues in trendy intraweb acronyms) I will ride out the no bloggin DTs, and I will STFU with the posting so as to not anger the gods of blogging into shutting me down if they’re looking the other way.”

To make a long story longer, Blogharbor did NOT shut me down even though I eased over the size limit on Sunday and every visit since then dug the hole deeper. This is the second time I got pushed over the limit right at the end, and BH treated me right. It’s like there is a person looking at these numbers who decided that it’s not worth the hassle to take the puppet offline for 36 short hours. Apparently, there is no evil automated blog exterminator just waiting to kill blogs that hit 2048.1.

So, props and a big shout out to John Keegan and the Blogharbor gang. They say customer service is their stock in trade and actions (or inactions) like this (and this) prove it better than any promises could.

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