Opel Kadett

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a propos of everything, actually. Junk in a junkyard.

As part of their ongoing “we’re way older than most of our readers” 50th anniversary celebration, C/D has tossed a big shout out to 8 Barrel by paying tribute to the ultimate babehounding machine, the Opel Kadett. (3/05 issue)

  • Able to exceed neighborhood speed limits with ease.
  • Easy access pop all the way out windows.
  • Plenty of room for your sick Delta buddies idiot friends waiting to get their licenses, and for their egg storage and dispensing requirements, when you’re on a mission.

8 thoughts on “Opel Kadett

  1. Let’s not forget the “you turned off your headlights to do something felonious; now they won’t turn back on and you’re still driving” option.

  2. Temba, his arms wide (C’mon 8, tell us more). I have vague familiarity with the unintentional precursor of SPACESHIP, but can only guess at the particular circumstances at this point, unless they were egg-related.

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