Who was the man behind the curtain?

Read Oliver Willis on the SOTU 2005. (OW claims to be like Kryptonite to Stupid, whereas I pride myself on being like stupid to Kryptonite.) Apparently, Bush is on the apocalypse express again, from how it sounds.

Text here

I totally missed the blue finger stunt. Somebody fill me in or else I will assume it was prostate exam night in the GOP headquarters. Again. This week.

I actually totally missed the speech in favor of a bean burrito and trying to talk my 66 year old uber liberal dad into joining the blogosphere. One more voice of reason against the tide of Rush bootlickers can’t hurt..

I took a glance at the text. Yikes.

All the fringe ideals and all the scare rhetoric that Karl Rove contrived or crystallized all rolled into an hour of a “trust me while a fuck you non-donors and reality based thinkers in the ass” message delivered with a nice homespun drawl.

2 thoughts on “Who was the man behind the curtain?

  1. I like your assumption, but the blue finger thing supposedly symbolized standing in support of those Iraqis who voted. In a high-tech attempt at thwarting Chicago style election tactics, everyone who voted had their digit stained.

  2. Maybe in a cruel reference to Diebold and the corrupt upper levels of Ohio government, it meant that these congressional f*ckers personally helped stuff Iraqi ballot boxes too (the old fashioned way) to insure Chevron friendly voices at both ends of the pipeline.
    Not that I am cynical or anything.

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