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Progressives need to tell America what we believe — and why we believe it. This is the goal of the Principles Project.

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ThePrinciples Project is a four-week online discussion to help

create a one-page Statement of Progressive Principles: a clear vision

of a just society and a progressive politics. The starting point of our

discussion is a draft statement that has been prepared with the

assistance of 2020 Democrats’ 3,500 members. Its purpose is to start

people thinking.

For this effort to be truly successful, we need your help. Join us

in this process. Read and comment on our current draft. Invite your

friends to join us in this discussion. Together, we accomplish more

than we could individually. If a million individuals write a million

different Principles statements, we have a million voices. But if a

million people write a single principles statement, you have the makings of the language of a movement. Let’s get started.

Principles Project Partners

Spearheaded by 2020 Democrats, a national network of young

Progressives, the Principles Project has been created in partnership

with a host of activists, intellectuals, and other Progressive groups.

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