2007 FJ Cruiser

2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser

Look Biff, it’s the new RAV4.

The only place this thing will cruise is the mall. It is a 4Runner underneath, so that means it IS a truck (sorta), but 4Runner = independent front suspension. IFS means that is is just a style job and not a real offroad-ready machine. The *stole it from Honda Element* styling and shape should tip you off on that as well.

Spend a couple grand on a lift and some armor and maybe you’ll have something. Of course, with the Hummer gunslit windows and porcine C-pillar, you wouldn’t want to take it anywhere where outward visibility is a plus, like off road. I do love the look, but only in front of the windshield – the rest is barfworthy.

Car and Driver Magazine : 2005 Chicago Auto Show : February 2005

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