Is it still cheating…

if it’s a dream?

Skin to win

Either the Bible or the Jimmy Carter Playboy interview tells us that if you think it, it’s as good as doing it (in a sin way, not in a yeah baby, yeah-way, obviously). But is this the same as blogging some demi-p0rn?

What if this dream involves (or at least invokes) actual people, like 2 of the three Jodys?

What if it invokes Madonna’s 1980 Cutlass, where many strange and daring things may have occured (although it is identified as a GTO like in XXX and it’s painted like BK Dan’s 1966 Grand Prix)?

What if Coldwater exists, and even appears in this “flick”? What it feels like she’s *just* a girlfriend?

What if you tell her you’re going car shopping in Boulder with a couple of hotties (the brunette Jodi (or maybe it’s silicone Mikala from American Karaoke Idol) and a second hottie you never quite see), but after you’re in the car, the plan changes to dinner in some other state but before that the girls want to make a “brief” stop at the condo, which you have figured out will involve briefs, but won’t be quick?

What if you absolutely crave this costar? What if you are totally on board with where this is going, notwithstanding the Coldwater character, who will probably ask about your trip?

What if you make prior plans to omit any reference to the impending sexathon? What if you wake up before a certain overabundance of potential energy is converted to kinetic energy in any meaningful way?

If I were Catholic, would I have to let the priest in on this? Should I call the Pope?

Just asking. Not that anything like this ever happened. :whistles:

One thought on “Is it still cheating…

  1. What if you’re 9 years divorced, single as far as you’re concerned, and the face you see in those moments of intentional reflection are the of your suddenly hot, 100+ lbs lighter ex-wife? Yes, we all know she’s probably the same blackhearted bitch. That’s why you give her something to keep her from talking. For once,in a mental exercise, you can entertain the fiction. Is THAT somehow cheating?

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