His face black, his eyes red…

So much for the best dancer ever at Baby Dolls.

RACQUEL– 2/13 –

Well the time is near. i am now approaching my retirement. a big thanks to my loyal supporters and all the good gentlemen (and ladies) who have made my 7 years here lots of fun. i wish i could personally give creditto the delightful ladies who work here, but there are too many to mention. my last day will be on Wednesday, February 23. i would feel very special if you all could make it to see me off properly as i will be moving back east the following day. i will be working from 11am-6pmand then will be hanging out after to give my goodbyes. if you can’t make it on that day gentlemen, make sure you come in sometime before then to get your last “piece of the racq”

Gene Simmons was reportedly rendered speechless by this news. Fortunately, AARP provides grief counseling to its members, so Gene will get over it. In related news, shares of Cialis dropped 17 points at yesterday’s NYSE close, following news of the dark one’s failure to grow the fuck up diminished social calendar.  (BTW, the title is from Darmok, best non-Borg/Q/Klingon intrigue Trek TNG ever)

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