Thank (or Blame) the Pop-Ups

A brief history of puppet time:

2/17/03 Some dickhead invents “messenger puppet,” as if calling me that is an insult.

1/04 Pop ups suck more than usual

1/04 Google Toolbar kills popups dead, and includes this cool Blogger utility.

1/04 to 2/04 Various craptacular proto blogs appear and wilt on Blogger indiscriminately. The world takes no notice.

2/16/04 Everybody and the girl, unrenowned cheesy trial blog is born at

2/16.1/04 I meant to register “Everybody and Their Dog.” D-ooh!

3/04 Apparently this intraweb blog thingy is interesting enough to pay for. Well, the writing part, anyway.

3/04 Purple Car joins the blogosphere. An e-buddy is born.

3/04 I start scaring my friends by documenting 20+ years worth of stuff that never happened. Really.

4/2/04 arises from the kiddie porn googled ashes of EATG. .

7/16/04 I am my own domain. is live.

7/17/04 Moved the porno lies somewhere else.

1/17/05 Call out the asshole skinheadz. Someone responds. More check me out. Sock gets creeped out by racist lurkers. Then they get bored and prance away to some secret sheeted greek encounter or something.

~600 posts, 135,736 distinct visitors and 276,499 page views later, give or take a million, and here we are: THE BIGGEST BLOG IN THE UNIVERSE.*

*Authored by a dork.


Created between 2/16/04 and 2/16/04 at 8:01.

Mountain Standard Time.

In the US.

By me.

Fine. So Daily Kos kicks my ass by 6 orders of magnitude. Big Deal. When has anyone there rearended a parked truck with a Schwinn? or called out Ashcroft on his paranoid fear of boobies? Or headlined the world’s shittiest band? And Shit.

2 thoughts on “Thank (or Blame) the Pop-Ups

  1. Rock On, You Winsome Sock! The MP is Always entertaining! And I read every word as the utter, literal, kill-me-now truth. I’m born again in sockness! Congrats!

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