Rove/ Gannon connection?

Is it physical, or just evil and abhorrent political treachery?


Karl Rove demonstrates *reporter* bondage.  “A good love slave is a joy to listen to in the Press Room” said the new Minister of Information.

CBS News | Rove- Gannon Connection? | February 18, 2005 17:17:04

Too bad CBS let its credibility be erased by the GOP, by running with the questionable documents and marginalizing the whole AWOLUI issue.

The whole “White House” invites a shill for sackriding (literal or just figurative?) issue is really worth exploring, but the only way the *red* staters will pay attention is if Fox News runs with it.

Yeah. That’ll happen..

Isn’t the business of the press to find the truth, not advance administration policy?  Or is truth and independence too 20th Century?

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