What an Ashcroft!

Ashcroft’s name substitutes for obscenity in movie

Richard Leiby

Washington Post

Feb. 24, 2005 02:41 PM

WASHINGTON – You’re an Ashcroft! No, you’re the Ashcroft! Imagine hearing that exchange in a movie – you’d think that Hollywood had come up with a crazy new insult. Well, it turns out that some airline passengers watching the Oscar-nominated film “Sideways” on foreign flights are, in fact, hearing “Ashcroft” as a substitute for a certain seven-letter epithet commonly used to denote a human orifice.

Ashcroft did not return our phone message, but we’re certain he was busy and not just being an…

Justice. Sweet. Poetic. Justice. (Unlike what that ashcroft Ashcroft dispensed in his 4 boob-fearing years as head mullah in the Ministry of Freedom.)

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