Sock to Sirius: GFY

The dog logo is cool.  Otherwise meh.  And “GTFOOH”

The grand Sirius experiment is over, 2 months early, Sirius is Ok, but nothing great. The programming is repetitive and superficial. If they truly dig deep, you have to dig deep through the programming pap to find it. The on air Sirius-pimping is tiresome. The Box is a PITA – keeps the seat from moving all the way, blocks the temperature control on those rare days where a little heat might actually be nice.

(To be fair, I am glad the the original VeeJays from MTV have a home there. Except for Martha Quinn. And JJ (who is dead).)

I just stopped tuning it in after Xmas, in favor of regular radio, a Kiss CD, another Kiss CD, Some random iTunes, a Shatner + cool iTunes CD, a Midnight Oil live CD and a CD of rock stuff that I can almost play on teh bass.

KISS? WTF? If that lyrical and musical trainwreck outshines Sirius, well, they’re fucked. At least in the blowhard sock puppet demographic.

Thanks ebay. One buy it now and this satellite radio experiment is history.

2 thoughts on “Sock to Sirius: GFY

  1. i bought the wife a sirius unit for her bday back in october. she loves it. we got the portable unit, so we can transfer it between cars. and for xmas, i bought her the boombox, which our portable unit plugs into. so far, so good.
    best of all, they carry all the nfl games, so i can at least listen to the browns play on those rare sundays when i can’t make it to the bar.

  2. Yeah, I forgot the NFL. That is a cool perk. I never had time to use it except as a novelty – “listen kids, its the Lions.” The Bronco games were on TV enough that it wasn’t such a big plus after all. For me anyway.
    I had a PNP. Maybe a built in wouldn’t be such a PITA, but the programming would still not be irresistable. Plus the whole static thing from having to $#@^@%$^%$^#@ many stations at the low end of the dial.

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