Darwin chuckled

Man says penis enlargement surgery ruined sex life
30 to 50 times a month? Wanting to, sure. that’s actually pretty low. Getting it? A. not married. B. Lying. C. Lying. D. Drunk and lying.

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Comment like you stole it

Off-The-Cuff, Off-The-Record, Off-The-Wall It is blog comment week, which means, under penalty of Jerry Falwell sermon, you must comment profusely on every blog you read. Or at least once. Or at least on mine. (You can do this anonymously on the puppet.) Go ahead, tell me I suck. And shit. I DARE YOU!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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Why Indiana Sucks

Fear of boobies –¬†hide the anthropology, biology, history and art class materials… Basically, breastfeeding and failure to lock the door to the shower are now capital offenses in Backwardsville, Indiana. Plus art. Plus representations from the f***ing bible for that matter. Ind. Business Told to Hide Nude Statues Wednesday, March 30, 2005 (03-30) 13:50 PST […]

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