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The interweb is soooo handy sometimes. I will hold my breath waiting for Cyprus to act on these spammers. One. Two. Three. Fo – oh, screw it.


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Country: CYPRUS

ARIN says that this IP belongs to RIPE; I'm looking it up there.

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inetnum: -      PLANETSKY-FRANCEorg:          ORG-NPEL1-RIPEremarks:      INFRA-AWdescr:        Server Segment in Paris Teleportcountry:      CYadmin-c:      PSKY-RIPEtech-c:       PSKY-RIPEstatus:       ASSIGNED PAnotify:       ipregistry@planetsky.commnt-by:       NPE-MNTchanged: 20040928changed: 20041025source:       RIPE

route:          ORG-NPEL1-RIPEdescr:        Paris Teleportorigin:       AS21455mnt-by:       NPE-MNTnotify:       ipregistry@planetsky.comchanged: 20040929changed: 20041025source:       RIPEremarks:      =================================================remarks:      Please do NOT e-mail abuse to the contacts givenremarks:      here, e-mail them to instead.remarks:      =================================================remarks:      ** Contact by E-Mail ONLY. ***remarks:      =================================================

organisation: ORG-NPEL1-RIPEorg-name:     Net Planet Earth Lmitedorg-type:     LIRaddress:      Gala Court,Vassili Vryonidis St POBox20715address:      4060address:      Limassoladdress:      Cyprusphone:        +357 25 817 204fax-no:       +357 25 817 211e-mail:       cisco@planetsky.come-mail:       cto@planetsky.comadmin-c:      AP21455-RIPEadmin-c:      AN9999-RIPEadmin-c:      PC9999-RIPEmnt-ref:      NPE-MNTmnt-ref:      RIPE-NCC-HM-MNTmnt-by:       RIPE-NCC-HM-MNTchanged: 20040415changed: 20041022changed: 20041104changed: 20041221changed: 20041227changed: 20050105changed: 20050113source:       RIPE

role:         Planetsky Ltd. Netmasterorg:          ORG-NPEL1-RIPEaddress:      Gala Court, Vassili Vryonidis St.address:      (Off Makarios III Avenue)address:      P.O. Box 52080address:      4060 Limassol, Cyprusphone:        +357 25 817204fax-no:       +357 25 817211e-mail:       ipregistry@planetsky.comadmin-c:      AN9999-RIPEtech-c:       AN9999-RIPEtech-c:       ZAK-RIPEnic-hdl:      PSKY-RIPEremarks:      ============================================================remarks:      Role Object for Planetsky Ltd.remarks:      For urgent operational issues, change requests, routingremarks:      policies, etc use the email address ""remarks:      For portscans, DoS attacks and spam complaints, please useremarks:      the email address "".remarks:      Please include all headers and logging where appropriate.remarks:      ============================================================notify:       ipregistry@planetsky.commnt-by:       NPE-MNTchanged: 20041025source:       RIPE

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