Newton 3, SUVs 0

More scenes from outside the office…

Gravity – It’s a law we can live with.

I think I need to invent skidplates for the hood and roof – what every discerning SUV driver needs when attempts to crush puny Neons gets thwarted by an F-350

The other, other guy…

2 thoughts on “Newton 3, SUVs 0

  1. This is about 100 ft from my office – maybe less. We hear the shriek of tires about daily. Once a month or so, it is followed by a sickening thunk or two. This one lasted extra long (from the pathfinder landing on its head). This is the same intersection almost a month earlier. Full contact commuting. There is about 1 fatal a year. I have a hard time getting my head around that – Somebody crashed and died close enough to throw a football or a decent chip shot.
    So, I started taking pictures to try to reconnect a little to the event. Not gore or injuries – fear factor and Nip/Tuck are too gross for me, and I get enough weirdos here just from saying “f***” every other @#$^@$%^$ post – but just to capture a sense of the destruction just outside my door. Back in Hooterville, today’s crash would make the evening news and the paper. The community would feel it, and I could relate at least to the sense of horror or grief or relief or whatever. Here in Overpopulated City, it’s a 3 second soundbite on the traffic report. If that.

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