Pimpin my peeps


NO/DIBS is a two artist collaborative which has produced limited edition clothing since 1990. An edition consists of 6-16 shirts, hand-dyed and hand-printed at our Kalamazoo, Michigan studio. All ink and dye colors are created individually for each new design. In 1991 we opened a retail outlet in Saugatuck, Michigan a small resort town, known for its artistic community. Visitors come from all over the world including a high percentage from metro areas like Chicago, Detroit, and St. Louis. Our clothing appeals to a diverse range of individuals who appreciate the uniqueness of our offerings and return each year.

Our work has been featured in numerous invitational shows and we recently had the honor of being included in the 50th Anniversary Exhibition at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

I think N/D may have faded away in the last few years. Or not.

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