Not Dead Yet

The Location: Northbound, less than a mile south of the Intersection of Doom

The Players: A Sock in one of these. A penis compensating s***head in one of these. Really, it was just one of those bloated full size Toyotas, but it’s just the difference between taking Viagra and telling your friends you need to.

Me: Redlight. Stop from 30 mph. In the crosswalk. Mirror. Oh, SSSHHHIIITTT!!!

He: Redlight. WTF?! That idiot is stopping for a redlight?

@#^%@$%^@%%$^@%$ 60 mph –> 40—> swerve

–> swerve back–> run light–> curse at delay caused by stupid law abider–> Floor it.

Me: Not this. Please, not this.

Anyway, nobody died, but jeebus, I should be able to occasionally stop when the light turns yellow (or red) without threat of 6,000 lbs of asshole chariot landing in my backseat. F***head.

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