Harry Potter – In League With Lucifer?

May contain non-Google approved language.  And s***.
Harry Potter And The Antichrist

This is why Kerry lost – no appeal to the end-timers. Our friends in the South apparently believe, like George “Apocalypse” Bush that the great Christian death orgy predicted in Revelations is scheduled for March 13, 2006 at 3:12 p.m. Nothing else matters. The wild eyed zeal and myopia of making ready overpowers everything else.

  • Poor people – fuck ’em
  • Televangelists/snake oil salesmen – Not important
  • Real wars for fake reasons – too fucking bad – God is coming
  • Movies that use wizards to teach self esteem and self reliance and stuff – aaaack. The devil’s work. Lose that shit before Jesus sees it. He will be soo pissed…

[Edited to Add]I didn’t go looking for a rant on fundamentalists and their ANGRY rhetoric (“Jesus said kick the shit out of whores and other sinners or you’ll go to hell too”). Somebody landed on the Puppet through this search, and I just browsed some of my “associates.”Until I got here.

If you are Catholic, Mormon, Muslim, or anything but a rabid literalist of the 1611 King James Bible, well “Jesus fucking hates you.” Like how Google hates Jesus. Only moreso. Yikes.

(So even if Kerry ‘got it’ about these folks, being a part time worshiper of a “cracker god” doomed him.)

3 thoughts on “Harry Potter – In League With Lucifer?

  1. The content filter at work wouldn’t let me get on the site. I suppose it could be a separation of church and state thing. Or maybe the IT guys just have good taste.

  2. well, here’s a taste (tweaked in honor of government censors):

    Can you tell where the Catholic Jebus is in these pictures? See that little white circle in the middle of the sunbursts? That is a cracker. Catholics call it Jebus or the “holy” Eucharist. They eat their Jebus. But before they eat him, they have to bow down in front of this gold thing that holds their Jebus and worship him. The gold thing is called a monstrance. But before they bow down in front of the monstrance (graven image) with their Jesus (idol) in it, they like to parade him through the streets and “adore” him in their solemn processions. You see, their Jebus can’t walk. He has to be borne about by men. THIS is the Catholic Jesus that we write about here at Jebus is Lord–he is plainly not the Jebus of the Bible.

  3. As always, MP, you crack me up. And of course Harry Potter is in league with Lucifer. Duh. (and who says atheists have no sense of humor?)

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