John Delorean is Dead

4 thoughts on “John Delorean is Dead

  1. Trew.
    OTOH, you could lash a couple hundred kilos to the underside.
    JZD coulda been a contender if the stupid pizza ovens on wheels:
    1. Had real roll down windows, not mail slots
    2. Had a lower front end, with flip up lights and a below bumper air intake. the front end would fit on a Chebby. (Yes, I know it was designed when leisure suits were supposedly hot, but still, ugly is ugly)
    3. He used something besides POS Renault powertrains.
    4. The whole coke/money laudering financial plan
    5. Ditching Christine Ferrare – coulda financed his failing company by selling naked pictures of the wife. Or putting her in ads, like Lee Iacocca. Or putting her in ads naked.

  2. PC: “Hey, MP, I heard they took Deloreans off the road.”
    MP: “Really, PC? Why?”
    PC: “They kept sniffing up the white lines.”

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