Anti war protesters?  No.Anti abortion protesters?  No.Anti death penalty protesters?  No.

Anti *release the body 15 years after the brain departed* whiners?  Bingo.

Nobody is *killing* her.  *She* is gone – only the shell remains.  Unlike what some famewhore congressfuckhead said last night, *she* did not *miss two meals* yesterday.  *She* hasn’t needed a meal in 15 years.  But hey, propping up a living corpse despite its former owner’s wishes and despite due process of Florida law 3 times over is worth our energy and the full attention of the fameslut congress and waking the *president* and his teddy bear to sign something he didn’t even read.  MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than poverty, disease, education, environment, peace, justice…

(although, the longer these asswipes spend screwing up one family, the less time they have to continue assraping the rest of us, as with the proposed bankruptcy subsidy of billionaire credit card shylocks *reform*.  Hmmm.  Maybe its OK that the eye of Sauron Congress is fixed on Florida after all.)

2 thoughts on “Irony

  1. I assume, for the purpose of my rants, that everything is true, and there is no light on anywhere. Because, god, what a shittyass way to go if somebody were home in there.

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