Evil Doctors from Hell

warning – contains stuff I didn’t want to think about when I was 20.  Or 30.

Went to the doc last week for a tuneup Thanks to my angry, bitter Scottish grandma, and pops who appeared to be following in her footsteps and Ronnie Raygun (who angry grandma voted for even when he wasn’t running for anything), I apparently have a “family history” of colon cancer. So, I have to go see the ass doctor, who, like in 2000, apparently has a 30 foot long anaconda to shove up my ass to look for buried treasure. On the bright side for any conservatives stupid enough to read this, the larger sticks are scheduled to be removed at that time.

At least you can hope so.

Oh, and among the blood sugar’s fine, cholesterol is a little high but decreasing, was this little ray of sunshine: low testosterone. WTF?!?!?!

Me: Get that shit in balance right fricking now.

Doc: the endocrinologist should call you in a couple of months to make an appointment.

2 thoughts on “Evil Doctors from Hell

  1. Been there. Three times so far. All three have been flex sigs as opposed to the full blown colonocopy. I think next time I’m going to have the full scope cause they knock you out for that one. Plus, they can check the entire run, not just the first couple of feet.
    Ain’t it great getting old?

  2. Sedation > *
    As I learned from my Jim Beam Jack Daniels/tekillya/vodka/all three days, some things are best experienced (if at all) in a blackout
    Completeness >*, too. No “what was around that next bend” questions….

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