*scratches head*

How to turn your avalanche, which is a suburban underneath, into a suburban on top.  Or, a fool and his money…

Doesn’t this:

Chevrolet Avalanche with a cap

[an Avalanche with a cap] HT:  SNUGTOP – Chevrolet XUV

equal this?

Chevrolet Suburban
[A Suburban]

Wasn’t the whole point of the Avalanche to make a Suburban look like a pickup truck by uncovering the *wayback*?  What’s next, a cap for an H2 SUT?  [Actually, as a fan of morons everywhere, I’d like to see that one.]

4 thoughts on “*scratches head*

  1. Sorry – my bad. Didn’t follow the link. Thought you had some poop on a new model.
    It makes me wonder, though why someone hasn’t come up with something like that sooner.
    It’s still buttugly.

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