My sister Buzzkill is baking kid #14 right this minute. Yes, you read that right. Fourteen. I am guessing that the 14er will drop around her 19th wedding anniversary. This means she has spent ~10.5 YEARS being pregnant. This is nearly 25% of her life.  There are easier ways to avoid the worst PMS ever, […]

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Happy Birthday to Purp

PurpleCar is 1 today.  Drop by and give a shout. PC has been the inspiration for many of the design tweaks here. You know, the *wow, what a cool idea, how can I make it totally weird* s*** that usually goes on here.  So, thanks for sticking around, Purp, and for letting me copy off […]

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*scratches head*

How to turn your avalanche, which is a suburban underneath, into a suburban on top.  Or, a fool and his money… Doesn’t this: [an Avalanche with a cap] HT:  SNUGTOP – Chevrolet XUV equal this? [A Suburban] Wasn’t the whole point of the Avalanche to make a Suburban look like a pickup truck by uncovering […]

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Caught being Two Faced again

When there is a complex case such as this, where serious questions and doubts have been raised, the president believes we ought to err on the side of life Hmm. That doesn’t sound like the government’s position on people labeled terrorists. Isn’t this the same administration that said, “you’ve got no fucking rights if we […]

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Evil Doctors from Hell

warning – contains stuff I didn’t want to think about when I was 20.  Or 30. Went to the doc last week for a tuneup Thanks to my angry, bitter Scottish grandma, and pops who appeared to be following in her footsteps and Ronnie Raygun (who angry grandma voted for even when he wasn’t running […]

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