Pat Buchanan gets buffalo winged & WOOD TV8 – Grand Rapids news and weather – Pat Buchanan doused with salad dressing

The guy from Road Warrior exercies some 1st Amendment irony on famed xenophobe Pat “heil” Buchanan.


The Bronco nation basks in the soft glow of national scrutiny and reactionary scorn.  At least the hatemaster had some degree of coolness about it.

                                  Buchanan chose not to press felony assault charges.

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2 thoughts on “Pat Buchanan gets buffalo winged

  1. I must be getting old, ’cause I can’t laugh about this. Maybe if it happened somewhere else.

  2. It’s a copycat of what sorta happened to Coulter in Tucson (except that they missed and she laughed and pointed) and Kristiol a ways south of you a couple days ago.
    Don’t worry, I am sure the Broncos will implement an agressive “no pie” program.

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