The sad part about the Pope dying

is that Buzzkill‘s13 kids in Ohio are being told, “that motherfucker is going straight to hell. Like all Catholics. And Jews. And Muslims. And Mormons. And Indians. And Michigan fans.”

None of these groups are “right with God,” according to Buzzkill.  Maybe she’s right about the Mormons – special underwear, oil baths, getting your own planet, secret extra books of the Bible found in a landfill and all that stuff. And maybe the Pope deserves hell under an agency theory for being the high priest of alter boy abuse, But, the “you’re going to hell unless you buy into our particular flavor of invisible man worship, forsaking all others with equivalent claims to being correct” (and obviously forsaking interplanetary cartoons like Scientiology and LDS) – man, that our Jebus uber alles stuff is pretty fucking harsh for people who claim to follow Jesus.

At least the South Park Jesus.

Maybe there is a new, angry Jesus that I didn’t hear about. Maybe he is disguised as a fat guy in Virginia, who blends economic and social ideology with decontextualized blurbs in order to rationalize a political agenda as godly. Maybe that is why the religious right is all about accumulated power and beatdowns of non-followers, instead of peace and charity and s*** like that. Maybe this same Mofo underwrote the cult that ensnared the mother of these 13 misled kids.

Naah – things couldn’t be that transparent.

Anyway, the dude was OK,. as popes go – apologizing to Jews, Poland…

I’m not banishing him to hell just for wearing a dress and the whole *not in complete agreement with a sexually repressed political conservative from Virgina* issue.

One thought on “The sad part about the Pope dying

  1. Given some of the shit his predecessors pulled he was a good guy. When, though, are they going to relax their ideology regarding marriage of priests, women in the priesthood and contraception (at least within the marriage). Until they do, the catholic church risks becoming less and less relevant. Many of the catholics I know already pick and choose the church rules they want to follow, becoming more like me all the time. Poor sinners.
    Of course, as my wife who was raised catholic says, catholicism is all about the guilt.

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